Texas Mortgage Refinance Loan

Here are five simple and easy steps to help you acquire the best Texas mortgage refinance loan for your needs.

Step 1 Determine how long youíll hold on to the mortgaged property.
The length of your stay will have a substantial impact on your future financial situation. It will help you determine the best rates and terms for your Texas mortgage refinance loan. It will allow you to determine, for instance, if youíll have adequate cash to settle the final balloon payment for your loan.

Step 2 Shop and compare.
One huge mistake made by many first-time borrowers is forgetting to consult their first creditor for mortgage refinance rates. It is, after all, possible that youíre acquiring your second mortgage from the same lender. He could give you lower rates than usual. Your first mortgage might simply have been a consequence of bad timing; inflation, bad market trends, and other economic crises might have been why your creditor have charged you with a high interest rate.

Of course, if your first lender hasnít anything good to offer then thatís the time you should approach other mortgage providers.

Step 3 Work on pre-qualification.
Be aware that becoming pre-qualified is different from becoming pre-approved. Pre-qualification simply means ensuring that you meet every possible requirement of your future mortgage provider.

Start by determining the ideal type for your second mortgage. What kind of mortgage this time around would best match your financial situation? Would you do better with a fixed interest rate or do you prefer an ARM?

Consider your employment history. While creditors certainly donít require you to have a Best Employee of the Year award, it would help if you can show to them that youíve been with your current employer for at least two years. It proves income stability and which to them guarantees consistent and on-time payment. As for those who are self-employed, creditors would also prefer if youíve at least 25% ownership of the business.

Naturally, your credit score will always be a part of the pre-qualification process. This is true for almost all kinds of mortgages with the exception of VA loans and subprime mortgages. FICO scores range from 400 and 900. Anything bellow 600 makes you a poor credit risk and therefore unqualified for the best mortgage refinance rates. Do what you can to improve your credit rating.

Improve your monthly budget. Although you wonít have any chances to show your budget plan, assessing and adjusting your finances will make you more confident when negotiating with a mortgage provider. You can give them all the assurance they need about meeting their monthly payments.

Step 4 Close your old loan.
Itís time to settle your existing financial obligations in order to make way for your new and vastly improved Texas mortgage refinance loan. Cooperating with your previous and future lender will expedite the process so make sure youíve got all your documents ready.

The closing process always starts with data collection. For one, your future mortgage provider will check your credit rating and evaluate the property to be mortgaged. If a drive-by assessment or automated valuation cannot be performed, a professional may be called in to make an accurate appraisal of the property. Make sure your propertyís ready for this to get the best market value!

Step 5 Apply.
Re-read the loan terms and conditions. Be sure you understand the fine print before signing on the dotted line!


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