How to Know If You Need Mortgage Refinance in Toronto

With refinancing, you are taking out a second mortgage on an asset that’s already been mortgaged in the past and one which you are still in the process of paying off. Refinancing may give you the means to access readily available cash, but this is not reason enough to take out a second mortgage. For refinancing to work to your advantage, you need to be aware of how it works and which situations best require it.

Why a Mortgage Refinance Loan in Toronto May Not Work
Refinancing is not always the solution to your financial problems. The situations below are just a few examples of when refinancing might not be the best action you can take.

Low Current Market Value
If the current market value of your mortgaged asset is lower than the amount it has been assessed for your existing mortgage, a mortgage refinance loan will only serve as a bigger financial setback. Because of its reduced value, you might not be able to qualify for the best mortgage refinance rates. This is especially true if you’re also determined to refinance up to eighty percent of the current market value of your property.

Existing Long-Term Loan
If your existing mortgage has a loan term of thirty years and you’ve already paid off a third or more than half of it, refinancing with a new 30-year mortgage might not be the best deal for you. After all, you’ve already reached the latter stage of your existing loan. You’ll only need a comparatively shorter period of time to pay it off completely. A new mortgage refinance loan in Toronto, on the other hand, will require you to start all over again and possibly make do with higher interest rates.

Inadequate Home Equity
Mortgage refinance loans work better if you’ve only used a small part of your home’s equity. If, on the other hand, you’ve already used up ninety percent or more of your home’s equity then mortgage providers are unlikely to give you the best refinance quotes. In these instances, they’ll have to consider the worst case scenario: if you end up being unable to pay them off, they won’t be able to recoup their money immediately. The privileges for reimbursement will be first awarded to the creditors before them and after that, there’s probably little enough money remaining for them.

The Different Forms of Mortgage Refinance in Toronto
Now, if none of the situations above applies to you then you’re probably in a position to take advantage of mortgage refinancing. There are different ways to obtain refinancing. Take your time exploring your options so that you won’t end up making the wrong choice.

Cash Out Refinancing
For a cash out mortgage refinance loan, you’re actually borrowing a bigger loan and you’re naturally using up a greater portion of your home’s equity. Your second mortgage will give you enough money not just to pay off your existing loan but leave extra cash for you to spend or save.

Rate and Term Refinancing
This type of mortgage refinance loan lets you get rid of your existing loan and start off with a new one either with improved interest rates or with a shorter or longer loan term, depending on your needs.

Low Credit Refinancing
Lastly, low credit refinancing is available for people with low credit scores. Your second mortgage, however, will come with higher interest rates. If you push through with it and prove yourself to be a consistent payer, this could help repair your credit and make you eligible for better rates in the near future.


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